Sunday, 6 September 2009

Cushing Saw

Andrew's Christina's World hung in the dining room throughout my childhood, and my parents live a few miles from the Wyeth's home place. Strange synergies, you tapping straight into that old vein, no doubt one of the sources of my aesthetic preference for the faded and peeling, bleached light and lost objects. This one is from Andrew's son, Jamie. Very apt for our project, no? I was looking for one of my favourites, some back-lit lettuces growing in copper tubs below a lighthouse. Later.

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  1. well that is strange! though as you say perhaps not surprising. i love little links like that - makes you think you're on the right path. To continue the threads that bind it all, that chop saw is very similar to one that Charles Hall has that me and him were discussing just last week - he wants the blade to be 're-set'. It must be 50 years old and the rest. (embarrassed about the typo - got too excited at the images I think to notice!)