Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Fiskars Village

There is a residency here, Fiskars Village. Take a look. Very nice indeed. A quality project from makers of quality tools. We used to sell Fiskars stuff in Thompsons. So it seems when the original ironworks where all the tools were made died away, it was derelict for a while. And then...

"The beautiful surroundings and vacant premises lured a number of craftsmen, designers and artists to the village. By 1993, more than 20 professionals in the fields of crafts, design and arts had moved there, and gradually the idea of a group exhibition grew within the community."

Now this would make a good trip for us in the Bongo! Seriously though, it's somehow a great example of what we are celebrating, isn't it. And also a wonderfully positive example of how these things can be reignited, or given another type of life, another reason, another feasible incarnation.


  1. This place looks lovely. So, using the blog to work stuff out sounds like a great idea in principle, but in pratice I need some help. How do I post links to the 'further references' list? How do I make labels? How do I edit old posts? Sorry to be thick.

    Also thinking we should have a collective think about the e-outputs for our proposed project. It does seem like a double-stranded approach might be the best way to go, depositing the images with the SWIB for reference there, and then using this blog or a blog descended from this as a more interactive public space for sharing stuff.

    Can you make photo albums on a blog, or is it always a linear feed? If we're proposing to create an 'electronic resource' we have to fill out a 'technical appendix' for the grant, about how were propose to make our resource 'sustainable'. How sustainable is a blog?

  2. lovely new posts C. Good work on the labels. As for the editing: once you've signed in, there should be a little icon of a pencil at the bottom of the posting, next to the COMMENTS. If you click on this pencil, you will go straight to it and able to deit or indeed delete it. The other way, is to go to CUSTOMISE, top right, then go to the POSTINGS TAB, then to EDIT POST. Note that sometimes only selected posts are showing for you to edit - you have to use your choices in the top right of that inner box where it says "Your Posts: All, Drafts, Scheduled, Imported, Published" and make sure Published is clicked.

  3. Just added a FURTHER REFERENCE by clicking on the spanner icon to the bottom right which you will see at the bottom right hand corner. Well, you will see it now, because I just noticed that only I had admin privilidges! So I have just worked out how to allow you two to edit everything now, so you will see these icons that I have mentioned here and in the EDIT POSTS rundown. Now its all guns blazing..