Monday, 30 August 2010

Spinning Yarns

Apart from the clear social and political timing of this project, for me there is air of fashion involved. These three might actually, on reflection, all be linked. (As perhaps they always are). This image is from the latest catalogue from Toast, a fairly high-end, quality clothing manufacture. (If you want to see it more clearly, go here). Like similar labels- Howies, Patagonia, they are playing the 'craft' element quite heavily. It is at the forefront of their campaigns. Whether they put their money where there mouth is, is another matter.

I wonder how much of our project is going to turn out to be overtly linked to sustainability, to the clash of modern living with old ideals of work and of quality? I suppose that, to a great extent, is down to us.

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  1. Interesting thought Steve. Toast catalogues generally have a distinctive locations too - old interiors with crumbly plaster and peeling wallpaper; trying to suggest that patina of time and a sense of nostalgia for finely crafted living.