Saturday, 23 October 2010

Hardy country

Both in terms of Thomas and 'robust'. Full of literary overtures and The Archers theme-tune seems to play in the air, but there really is a genuine sense of community - small independent shops and weathered people going about their day - a day that somehow seems to include physical toil, and dirt, and kicking mud from shoes on entering houses warm from open fires. Whimsical words from a short trip to the Bridport area I know but I'll be darned if it didn't have a distinct flavour that isn't so overt in the other three of our county quartet that I actually know far better. I put up some of our postcards on the public notice boards as well as the library etc. When we go let's remember to go on a Wednesday or a Saturday - market day. And not just any old market day - holy moly, it's vast.

Plus, Bridport Arts Centre had a wonderful exhibition on (which I'll put up on a separate post) and it would indeed be an excellent place to have our Dorset based exhibition. And there was a fantastic cafe by the bus station but those photos will go up on my own website - though we could easily argue that a cup of tea is the most common form of making and mending that there is!

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