Thursday, 18 November 2010

Field frame #2: Castle Forge

Site: Castle Forge
Location: Sherborne, Dorset
Date: 2 November 2010
SiB Team: CD and SB
Image: Steve, a blacksmith from Sherborne, shows us his apron cuts.

Now we're started to get images together our thoughts about the exhibitions are coming to life. Not that we're getting ahead of ourselves, just that once the material is starting to gather the shape of what you can make with it becomes a question to ponder, possibilities to explore.

One of the things we're beginning to realise is that this project is about stories as much as it's about things--or it's about the ways things need stories, and stories need things. SB captured the image above while Steve the Blacksmith was telling us a story about King Solomon. It went something like this:

King Solomon brought together all of the guilds to determine who was the best craftsman in the land. The tailor was chosen, and the blacksmith left town in protest. In the blacksmith's absence the community began to unravel--the tailor couldn't sharpen his shears, the farmer's tools weren't mended. St Dunstan was sent out to find the blacksmith, and at a banquet the smith was named 'craftsman of all craftsmen'. During the meal the spiteful tailor snuck under the table and cut a fringe on the edge of the blacksmith's apron.

Steve's hands, the apron, the fringe, a story that loops around to make the world hold together.

Image © Steven Bond/University of Exeter

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