Saturday, 11 December 2010

Not quite made to measure

Wonderful trip to a Dorset tailors this week, way out over the narrow causeway of
Chesil Beach to the lump of limestone that is Portland. Here are his scissors, which were a good 14 inches long.

On a photographic note, it is interesting to consider how much we will be posing our models and staging our scenes. This trip reminded me of the frustration that comes from missing a shot and the temptation to stop and direct what is in front of you (if you can) in order for you to get what you wish for. Shooting in the low light of his workshop, I didn't manage to record the wonderful hands of this Master tailor smoothing over the material of something he had made. There was a moment and then it was gone. The classic phrase of the frustrated photographer. A shame. Still, that area of the world has cast a bit of a spell over the SIB team, so another reason to return there at some point would be most welcome.

Image: They were heavier than a wardrobe
© Steven Bond/University of Exeter

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