Saturday, 26 February 2011

Wanted: slot head 3/4" 6 screw

There are probably thousands of these little guys rolling around in dusty drawers and jam jar fastener collections, but you can't buy one for love or money in Falmouth on a rainy Friday afternoon. The fellow in the D.I.Y. shop claims they used to be standard, but haven't been made for 20 years (he showed me the tiny drawers where they once lived in the shop). So, calling all home carpenters and retired ironmongers--help?

The needy object is that antique Roycroft desk I mentioned a while back. The repaired lid hinges arrived in the post this week (with a brief delay in the Plymouth customs depot).
Lowe Hardware, in Rockland, Maine, did a wonderful job replacing the worn ratchets, and the desk is whole again, except for a single screw that went missing somewhere between Cornwall and Montana.

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  1. Slotted screw heads are perhaps the oldest and most common variety; a linear slot in the head accepts a standard screwdriver, which is also called a flat-head screwdriver.