Sunday, 13 March 2011

Job done

Thank you, Peter, for the screw selection. The shiny new one was a perfect match. For the curious, the imprint on the desk hinge fitting reads 'Process'. See posts from 23 September 2009, 2 May 2010, and 25 October 2010 for some background on the screw source.

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  1. Looks good. My dad, gloriously, has some thoughts: he wonders if the slots should be both in line with the long edge of the hinge.. more aesthetically pleasing.. and he's not so keen on the mixing of the brass and steel. He offers you another brass one to match or, for blacking up the new one, he did have a great phrase: 'blueing', which is a process of heating and dipping in oil (as in finishing gun barrels evidently) but it's too much fuss in this instance. So he wonders whether boot polish, cold tea or black undercoat paint/matt black might dull it enough. He loves this stuff. Imagine if he had his own blog? Oh, now there's a thought..