Thursday, 5 November 2009

Form and content: Exhibitions

I think its important to have a 'show' that will incorporate a selection of material and a in varying formats and mediums. I don't know why (though I think I could work it out), but it seems this should be a more than photos on a wall and words on a page. The two have got to swap places, or rather have no defined places, and they must be together yet exist successfully alone.

The Photographs, such as they are: some deserve big. Very big. And some, especially series, can be a lot smaller. Perhaps really small. One thing that seems certain is that they be of a high quality; a main element of this project is the emphasis on craft, on something done properly. Clearly how we present our work has to reflect and honour this. Somehow it feels that the photos should be on aluminum. Or a similar tough, yet beautiful surface, no frame to distract (?), no glass to obscure from the subject matter. As little sense of being preserved in aspic as possible.


  1. Another thought--we'd probably need A4 or A3 images for the storefronts. And it would be good to recycle the exhibitions prints for these dispersed mini-exhibitions, if possible... so those could be the little ones.

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  3. when you said recycle.. i thought of how splendid, and fitting it would be to somehow smelt them down and make something from them! And or a more sensible note - though I'm not adverse to that idea! - I'm imagining all sorts of sizes.. it would be great to somehow evoke the various, numerous items that seems to be an issue with all this. Somewhere along the lines there's a 'range' thing going on here isn't there? And it would be good to reflect this.
    Glad you like the alu idea. Will continue to research.
    ps. if you're wondering why I deleted the previous, it is because it had typos and you can't edit comments. I'd better be more careful.